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  1. Hi, I met you at the Prescott bridal show and I am trying to find pricing for your wedding packages and to see if you are available October 8,2016

    • Hello! I’m so sorry for the delay! My dang website didn’t notify me of your comment! I am actually still available 10/8, and have multiple package options, as well as an hourly rate option so that I can fit almost any budget. With all my package options, you get all your edited photos with a copyright release. Feel free to email or call me and we can chat more!

  2. Hi! Jessica Moser sent me your direction! I am looking for a photographer for my wedding in Prescott Valley July 23! I use to work with Jessica and she said if anyone was shooting my wedding other than her it should be you!

  3. I would like and idea of what your fees would be for our wedding if you are available. We will have a simple court house wedding at On Oct 7th at 5pm with our children and grand children present. I would like photos of the wedding, as well as some family photos outside at the courthouse. We will then be going to Murphy’s for a small reception and I may or may not want photos there as well.

  4. Hi, I met you at the wedding expo the other day and wanted to know if you could send me a list of packages that you have available and also what your hourly rate is. Thank you very much.

  5. Looking for wedding photography 8/18/18 in Prescott az in courthouse house park small wedding, reception after 3 – 5 hours mid day Jeff & Marsha getting married reception near by after small group about 25 or so?

  6. Hi Callie
    It’s Trish Bevilacqua
    My friend Kim Bell is getting married at Talking Rock May 31st 2020 she is a bit behind in getting things set I told her I would try to help her with a few things!
    First are you available on that date?
    And if yes I’ll have call call you to set up a meet or talk over the phone to see what packages you have .
    Caity Soto our mutual friend said you also would be a great contact to for other suggestions as well for perhaps a DJ, Florist’s, linen company ect.
    Look forward to speaking to you Trish 928-778-2485 I’m also you husband’s client you were here for new year’s

  7. Hi Callie,
    My fiance and I are looking for a photographer for our wedding September 4th. It will be in Williamson Valley in the evening. Are you available for that date? We would need ceremony pictures, family pictures, and reception photos. Thanks!
    Anna Monahan

  8. Hi Calie
    We were referred by both Carolyn at Van Dickson Ranch and DJ Gary.
    We are getting married at the Ranch on September 14th and wanted to see if you had that open. If so, can we arrange a time to meet virtually on a Teams Call. We live in Prescott.

    Thank you

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