monica + adam bridal

The pandemic derailed this couple’s normal wedding plans….they had to cancel their large wedding and just get married in a tiny, simple ceremony instead. They still wanted to get photos though, so we did this gorgeous bridal session at Granite Basin Lake. It was laid back, fun, and so lovely.

quinones wedding

I’ll apologize now for the photo album dump that’s about to occur. I had over 40 sessions this fall (15 of them weddings) so I just wrapped up editing them all last week. This is the first time I haven’t had editing to do since August. 😮 I pretty much gave up on keeping up with posting sessions…….so here they all are! Haha. Meh.

This sweet little woods wedding took place at the camp here in Prescott, AZ where these two lovebirds initially met. Small, and set in the pines….I loved photographing their day!!

katie + lewis II

Wanting to have a bunch of engagement photos displayed at their wedding, these two decided to have a second round of engagement photos taken….this time, a little closer to home. We had to reschedule about 4 different times due to pandemic restrictions, but it was so worth the wait.

lacey + lucas

This session ended up being a bit of a battle all around….my toddler and dogs all decided that they wanted to accompany Lacey and Lucas in their photos. Seriously….I had to just strategically crop Oliver out of the pics. :) Then of course there were the typical 40mph spring winds. I figured that wasn’t enough, so being both of these lovely people had a background in rodeo, I’d throw a horse in the mix for good measure. They handled it all like champs though, and I’m so happy with the results!

blackmore wedding

This lovely ranch wedding was the last one I was able to shoot this spring before the strict restrictions went into place. Luckily for me, it was a beautiful one to end on. I’ll just be over here daydreaming on this one until the weddings start up again….

s + s engagement

Desert sessions have officially stolen my heart. The light and setting for this engagement session was perfect! It also doesn’t hurt that these two were ridiculously photogenic..

sewell wedding

After a crazy busy fall wedding season, I’m just now finding the time to post some of these shoots to the web….so I’ll apologize now for the sudden onslaught. This wedding in particular is by far one of my favorites….granted taking place in beautiful Orange, CA and having my toddler in the wedding automatically will put it towards the top of my list, but I also adore this couple. Their day was so dang beautiful, and I couldn’t be happier for these two. Oliver still talks about dancing the night away with “Em-b-ily”. :)

emma + dallas

We had a typical early fall day in the southwest for these two…..insanely windy! Had it not been that they were driving up from the valley to do the engagement session, we would have definitely rescheduled. Luckily these two were insanely photogenic, so they would have looked good in any conditions. We did a combination of hiding from the wind, and then just embracing….and honestly I’m a little partial to the dramatic flare it adds.