claim post design company

This past year I made the shift to go more commercial with my photography business, and I was so fortunate to work with some great companies right away….Claim Post Design Co being at the top of the list. If you know me at all, you know I love jewelry…..and these guys have some of the best! I was drooling this entire session….😍

Wrangler Holiday

Amidst the fall shoot craziness, I was asked by Wrangler to shoot some images for their holiday campaign. It was such a fun (and somewhat challenging, haha) project to work on. I say that only because the images were all about flannel lined…sherpa….looking cozy, etc….and it was August. In Arizona. 😂 Oh, and we were in a crazy heat wave….it was 100 degrees when we shot these. I had to take breaks for my cheeks to not be so red and for the sweat to stop running down my back. Also, to get the right light, I had maybe 40 minutes a day to shoot. All that being said, these images are some of my all time favorites.

winter love

I’m veering off a little bit from what I typically post on here. Typically, my website usually consists of just portrait work, but I take photos for myself almost everyday. Partly to continue to push my skills, and partly just because I love it.

Here in northern AZ, we had a couple of pretty good snow falls early in the season, but since the beginning of February we’ve had nothing but spring-like weather. I may be kicked out of the state for saying this, but lately I’ve been longing for more winter. When I was home to northern MN over the holidays, the weather was perfect. Lots of snow and daytime temps in the mid-twenties. I was able to snowshoe, skijor, and dogsled my parent’s Alaskan Malamute. Here’s some of my favorite winter love shots from both MN and AZ……