m + s engagement

I’m about a million shoots behind in posting…partly because I’m just trying to keep up on getting galleries out the door….partly because with tiny living comes limited internet access. The ol’ hotspot can only do so much. 😂Here’s a recent Sedona engagement session that was so fun to shoot. The couple was so lovely to work with, the views couldn’t be beat, but it could have maybe been a little cooler than 100 degrees….

joseph + leanna

This gorgeous Sedona elopement will definitely go down as one of my favorite weddings ever. The officiant drove a rented off-road jeep, and the bride, groom, groom’s brother, as well as myself, all piled in and headed to the most gorgeous remote elopement spot. We were able to time the ceremony in between rain storms, and even though it was a bit breezy and cold….the added drama of the sky was completely worth it.